Winter’s Descent – Jerry & John

Jerry from Winter’s Descent joins Bill on the show for the second time (Listen to his first visit) and brought along the band’s drummer John. Jerry talked about thinking about moving the band to Nashville, but deciding that it wasn’t really the city for them. They had recently replaced their guitarist, Nick, and our ability to say Greek names is put on show. We also learn why his new nickname is “Triangles”. We talked about the Femme Fatale show. They talk a bit about their new originals, which includes a new acoustic song called “Paper Angels”

In segment 2, we open up with Jerry asking Bill a question but it then transitions into a bad tattoo story. And in normal PARS tradition we just rambled about lots of things… we then transitioned into Rock for Life and some of their shows and that Winter’s Descent will be playing at Rocktoberfest. We then talked about how many covers and originals that they usually play in a set. We also talked about the band almost breaking up and that they talked about changing the band name. Jerry and John talk about the musical community and how it is evolving. They take a moment to praise Mr. Small’s Funhouse. There are many great talking points in this interview, give it a listen!

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