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On episode 398 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, Wes Cason of Whitethrash joined me to tell us about his band and their upcoming ventures. We talked about where the band name came from, influences, supporters, how long the band has been together and how the band formed. We talked about sports, too.. well sort of… and where you can get a copy of their newest song, Agonal Breathing which we debut on the show tonight.

In the segment, we discussed the exhaust falling off of their van on the way home from Lima, OH. We took some time to talk about some of Whitethrash’s past shows including Wes’ favorite venue. We talked about his favorite local bands. Wes told us about his favorite and least favorite part about the music scene. This is where promoters and pay to play comes up. I talked a little bit about a website that I’m currently working on called www.palocalbands.com. Wes tells you about upcoming shows for Whitethrash and who they’ll be playing with. I mentioned the Pennsylvania Rock Show Anniversary 13 at the Leechburg Moose.

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