Walking Backwards with Creep

The veteran rock band, Creep joined us on the show for their first time ever. Athough we’ve been playing their music since the beginning of time! We debuted a new segment on the show. I allowed Creep to name it. It is called Bill’s Barrage. it is based off of Mark Madden’s ask Mark Anything and Vogue magazine’s 73 questions video. 11 people submitted 22 questions for the band Creep. Some of them related to the band and some of them were off the wall. The band fielded them all like champs! You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear their responses. We did a little story tellers, where they told us the background behind their songs Walking Backwards, Unreachable, and White Lies. We talked about their second place finish in the Grafitti Rock Challenge, inspirations, supporters, etc. We also talked about their annual benefit show A Concert for Anna, which is a great cause and affiliated with our friends in Rock for Life.

Walking Backwards with Creep PARS325 by The Pennsylvania Rock Show on Mixcloud

Also, if you play your cards correctly, you can get a free digital copy of their album “Lesson 3” just by listening to the show! ps there is a space between the two words in the password

Creep: Episode 325Release Date: 11/7/14
Running Time: 01:10:51
Guest: Creep
Where to Find Them: Facebook
Where to Purchase download their Music: Creep is making their 2002 release Lesson 3 available to you right here! You need to listen to the show to get the password to unzip the file! (you knew there was going to be a catch)

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4 Replies to “Walking Backwards with Creep”

  1. Reina the camera girl :)

    I LOVE Creep! I remember seeing them waaay back at the Battle of the Bands at Penn State new ken campus in the early 90’s. They have changed since then. I want to see more Creep in my life! I hope you can get on the Rock for Life or Rocktoberfest bill in 2015! How awesome would that be? It would go down in the books for sure.

    So I enjoyed listening to the interview. I blushed a few times. You guys are so talented and your hearts and souls are in your music and that’s why in my opinion Creep is the front runner of Pittsburgh’s local music scene. Now we wait till 2015 for the next Creep Show. Rock on guys. Just keep your pants on though. 😉

  2. William Domiano

    If you listen to episode 325, you’ll hear me give out a password. That password will unlock a zip file which includes all the tracks from their album “Lesson 3” You will find the podcast and show notes page at: https://parockshow.com/walking-backwards-with-creep-pars325/ starting this Friday. On that page, there is a link to pick up your copy of “Lesson 3” Don’t forget to listen to the full radio version of the show which will include new music from Slant 6 and many more of the best unsigned rock bands that Pennsylvania has to offer!

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