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three vulturesThree Vultures, The Real John Lane, joined us from Lisbon, OH to talk about their new release, Rebirth. He has a bit of the American Hilljack in him and we talked about any topics all over the map. We talked about the album and where to find it, cars, yondr and having to force people to listen to live music, and more. We also talked about gray hair…  yes gray hair. Make sure you read Lady Jaye’s Review of he Rebirth album on

Three Vultures is the brain child of Dustin Cutright. For as long as he can remember, he has wanted to be a musician that changed the way people felt and listened to music, and one that also opened the minds of his listeners.
With Dustin’s atmospheric, edgy guitar playing combined with a raw vocal style, John Lane’s modern throwback to John Bonham in power and delivery, and the groove-filled, fullbottomed bass sound from Auston Dunnington, Three Vultures is a well-rounded rock band. Overall, 3V’s sound is the result of coming up in the angst filled small towns that litter the fallen Steel Valley. Dark and brooding, but vicious. Lashing out against a system infected with its own corruption and stale values.Taking influences from grunge, alternative, progressive, psychedelic, and stoner/desert rock for their music and life experiences for their lyrics, Three Vultures is a well rounded rock band.

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