TME! State of the Scene

In this episode, Tony Marinacci of TME makes some huge announcements about his company and talks to Bill about the state of both the local and national scenes.

broadcasted April 2012
Featuring: Total Music & Entertainment
Running Time: 52:04

TME’s Biography

TME has been one of the top providers of backline support to major concerts in the northeastern USA. Having always been able to change to meet the demands of an ever evolving industry, the company is now becoming one of the more respected studio production outfits around.

All About TME

TME is not just a production company, it is the complete entertainment company. Providing various professional services to nearly every aspect of the entertainment industry. We assure confidence and reliability as well as expert consultation and coordination to our clients through prestigious industry, production and technical personnel.

TME’s depth of national resources transcends that of any entertainment company in the area. TME’s involvement in the local entertainment community provides professional quality services through the cooperation of local companies specializing in entertainment.

TME Recordings offers Digital and analog, Mobile or on site services. Professional pre-production, recording, editing and mastering of your project. Our experienced producers can manage or assist any A/V or Multi-Media presentation as well as a film, television, or radio broadcast-quality project. We can truly take your project from a concept to a finished product.

TME has the production and technical staff to consult and coordinate your event such as banquets, weddings, receptions, corporate conventions. Whether it is a concert or club sound system, amplified podium, home entertainment system, electrical wiring, phone, cable, or security systems, TME can consult and install your commercial or home needs.

We think TME is a very exciting and innovative company. We think you will too.

Providing professional entertainment services since 1987.

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