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Zach Cunningham joins us for the first time to talk to us about his studio project Tidefall, and a little bit about Reign of Z (look for them on the show in the near future). I asked him some of my normal questions like who he would site his influences as. He mentions Breaking Benjamin and then talks about a few other bands. From there we segued into what national act he’d like to open for and where and why.

We talked about whether or not he has anything odd in the rider when playing a show. (I SAID EVIAN!) We talked about the importance of the sound man for a show. We talked about pay to play (yes I know I’ve been hitting that hard lately). We talked about embarrassing moments on stage. He talked about his moms support of him as a musician, but reminding him that he should have a backup plan. We also talked about Reign of Z’s first show at Mr. Small’s Funhouse. We discussed whether or not he has ever written a song based on influences of other musicians. We gave him a few minutes to talk about his equipment, too. He told us about Tidefall’s song Control and a little bit of his history within the band Alter the Design

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