The Crucible Project, Suffacate, & Shattered PARS471

The Crucible ProjectJason Kozura of Silence Follows and The Crucible Project joins us to talk to us about TCP as the main guest of Episode 471. We also talk to Cate of Suffacate & Chris and Erik of Shattered during a rain delay at last weekend’s Gigaroo.

Segment 1 with Jason of The Crucible Project

  • Before we get started with The Crucible Project, tell me what you have been up to with Silence Follows since we last talked.
  • How did The Crucible Project come to fruition, what is it, and why that name?
  • How did the collaborations with First Angel Media, Twist of Fate Productions, and The Metal Edge come about?

Segment 2 with Jason of The Crucible Project

  • What upcoming shows does The Crucible Project have for us?
  • How does a band get involved in the shows?
  • What are you goals for the scene as a whole?

What is The Crucible Project?

Originally forming in 2016 under the “Homegrown Hard Rock Showcase” moniker, The Crucible Project has blossomed into an organization that hosts a recurring monthly concert series, currently based out of The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls, with a focus on Pittsburgh and surrounding area-based rock/metal artists. Along with our partners Twist of Fate Productions, The Metal Edge, and First Angel Media, our goal is to showcase some of the best talent in the rock and metal communities that Pittsburgh has to offer. With an “artist first” approach and attention to detail, we strive to deliver an experience to both artists and fans that is nothing short of memorable.

Segment 3 with Cate of Suffacate at Gigaroo

  • How would you describe playing on the Iselin Community Park stage?
  • We discussed the storm, Doppler Affect, alcohol, and her puking out of the backseat of my car for a bit.
  • We talked about what bands should have been playing the rest of the night, but a blown transformer had actually ended the show, unbeknownst to us. The power came back on at approximately 4am.

Segment 4 with Chris & Erik of Shattered at Gigaroo

  • I offered the wrestle Chris, who has wrestled for many wrestling companies, and he tells us about it.
  • What does Shattered have coming up?
  • I invited them to do an episode of 3 Questions & a Song, and we learn a little bit about their new song and an upcoming EP.

* Special thanks goes out to Tim of Fat Lipp Productions, for not getting to upset at me when I commandeered his sound booth to do a few interviews at Gigaroo.

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