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  • Acoustic Performances & Tilted Shadows

    Release Date: June 2015 Running Time: 0:58:16 Guest: David Hipchen Where to Find Them: www.davidhipchen.com David Hipchen Show Notes: In the first segment David and Bill discussed the recording of the […]

  • Reminisce with Jim Platt

    Jim Platt and Bill reminisce about PA Rock Show’s past, talk about Jim’s newest album and the one he is recording, & Much More broadcasted May 2012 Featuring: Jim Platt […]

  • Tilt Room

    broadcasted December 2011 Featuring: the Tilt Room Running Time: 00:49:00 The Tilt Room’s Biography Based in the steel city of Pittsburgh, PA is The Tilt Room, a three-piece acoustic act […]

  • Nick Nelson

    broadcasted June-July 2011 Featuring: Nick Nelson Episode 289: Nick Nelson by The Pennsylvania Rock Show on Mixcloud Running Time: 1:04:12 Songs Performed * I’ll Pray For You * Take the […]