SunDown PARS463

SunDownColt and Jayson of the Connellsville band, SunDown make their debut on the Pennsylvania Rock Show for episode 463.

Segment 1

  • Where did the band name come down?
  • What was the Millvale Music Fest like?
  • What is one thing that you fans would be surprised to know about you?
  • If you could go back in time and spend one year observing one band, what year would you go back to and what band would you observe and why?
  • What actor will play you in a biopic about SunDown?
  • If you were going to create a super group from your scene to manage, who would be in it and why?

Segment 2

  • If you could live the movie rock star, which band would you front?
  • If you could open for any internationally touring band, who would it be and what venue would you want to play?
  • Tell me about an embarrassing moment your band mate had on stage.
  • What is one thing you absolutely love about the music scene and one thing that you could do without?

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