Storm Dragon

Jeff, Joey, & Eric of Storm Dragon join Bill to talk everything going on in their camp.

  • Find out how the band got together and where they reside.
  • Learn about how the name Storm Dragon came to be…. Did Bill really bring up Harry Potter, Eragon, and Puff the Magic Dragon?
  • Jeff, Joey and Eric tell us about the recording process and issues that arose around the EP Strike at Dawn, including using 2 different studios.
  • Find out who their influences are and what they listen to when not on stage.
  • Learn why grunge cannot kill the monster that is metal.
  • What brought Joey to metal?

Segment 2:

  • The meaning behind the song Dawn of a New Creation… and which Storm Dragon song should survive the apocalypse?
  • Storm Dragon is opening for Quiet Riot at Jergels on February 1 with Dying Breed.
  • Jeff, Joey, & Eric talk about what they love about the local scene and what they hate.
  • Learn a little bit about the Omaha, Nebraska scene.

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