I Spotted a Yeti

yetiGeorge “Yeti” Ivanusic formerly of Isotope, Impugn, and SuperXero comes out of the darkness and talks about his time in the music scene and what he has been up to since leaving SuperXero. For those of you that don’t know the history, SuperXero was the band that existed just before After the Fall. He talked about playing his first show with Sx opening for LA Guns. He talked about being in a band with John Lane, as well as, the SuperXero EP that the band had created with former bandmate Jared Greece when they were called Hybrid.

This was more of a catching up with George than an interview. We touched on a ton of local musicians and their interactions with George over the years. He talked about Mike Palone and Keith Kweder of skell. Yeti talked about learning from Mike when Whiskey High was still together.

They talk about how George became the guitarist that he is, Nick Catanese, and more.

In the third segment George lets it be known that he is looking to join a band, even if it means being a guitar for hire. Listen to hear more about the Yeti…

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