Six Bar Break – a lil bit o’ Country PARS410

In segment 1 of this episode with Six Bar Break from Harrisburg, PA, we start things off by talking about the band’s influences and genre that they play. Bill even got in a few of his KISS references early on. The band introduced us a bit to the Harrisburg musics scene and talked about the best and worst parts of where they are located. If you listen closely, it sounds very in line with our scene.

Segment 2 started out with us finding out how they came up with the name Six Bar Break and their most embarrassing moment on stage (that may have been the sound guys fault). Bill then asked about the building of the band over the years. Bill asked them to talk about some of their favorite unsigned bands from the Harrisburg scene, next. Bill followed up by asking them to create a superband from their scene with the stipulation that they were the manager and were not allowed to play in the band in any way.

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