SilverTongueDevil – Full Spectrum Dominance

Craig Meinhart of Dallas, TX band SilverTongueDevil (and the Warlord Radio Podcast) joins Bill to introduce us to their brand of metal.

Segment 1

  • What band would SilverTongueDevil want to open for, and where?
  • What kind of music is in Craig’s music collection?
  • Craig talks about the sub-genre situation in today’s metal.
  • We talk a little about the history of rock and metal and current events (lip synching)
  • We get a little history lesson on the Dallas-Fort Worth scene.
  • Craig tells us about the meaning behind their new single, Full Spectrum Dominance…and segued perfectly into our follow up question after the song break.

Segment 2

  • We open segment 2 talking about episode 5 of 3 Questions & Song featuring John Vento.
  • What SilverTongueDevil song do you think should survive the apocalypse and help rebuild society?
  • If you could time travel and go back to any year and spend 1 year observing any band, what band would you observe and in what year?
  • This or that…
    • Ozzy or Dio
    • David Lee Roth or Sammy Haagar
    • Ace Frehley or Tommy Thayer
  • If we played one of SilverTongueDevil song backwards, what would we hear?
  • Have you ever had an embarrassing moment on stage, either for you or another band member?
  • Craig explains how the band gives its fans the true sound of their instruments during shows.
  • Find out where to find their music at the end of the show… and what shows they have coming up.
  • Has SilverTongueDevil played any shows in Mexico?

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