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saVengersaVenger joined Bill for episode 416 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, live to tape, from their practice studio. They played some of their originals live for us! (This was the first time they played for anyone but themselves with this lineup!) They also taught me what a¬†Portmanteau is, when I asked them where their name came from. Do you know what that is? We talked a little bit about their show at Gigaroo on July 7, 2018. It was at this point that they debuted their song, “Lemonade Grenade”.

When we returned from their debut they told us the story behind the song and we discussed their first show which will be opening for Mona Lisa Smile on June 9 at JB’s Roadhouse in Deer Lakes, PA. The members of saVenger give us a little bit of a history lesson on the forming of the band and the Pittsburgh experience for the transplanted members (Who moves here from Florida?). Bill finally transitions into a host for a bit and asks them about which of their songs they’d want to survive a fire that destroys the rest of their catalog.¬† This was an early segue into their next live performance of their song, “Slashtronaut”. Johnny Horton came up again on the show, who knew this was going to happen a bunch of times… There’s more to come from saVenger in episode 418 so stick around!

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