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On episode 400 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show… Shayman Hurley of the band Redson joined Bill to talk about the upcoming business ahead of the band. They will be playing their first show on December 9, 2017 at the Lincoln Heights Civic Assoc. in Jeanette supporting Shattered the “Blackout Sessions” CD release with Big Atlantic. Shayman gave us an explanation of where the name Redson came from, as well as, the story behind their song Green Goblin. Shayman explains how he became the lead singer of the band and the sound of Redson.

In segment 2 we talked about Shayman’s favorite venue, which included a blast from the past. Having not played out in a while, he can’t wait to get out and see what venues are out there to play in. He takes on a bit of trip to past talking about old venues and NIN. Favorite local bands over the years, how to find Redson on the internet (Facebook). Since we had taken a trip down memory lane, we talked about one of my favorite bands from 90’s, Creep.

Next week’s guest is Murder for Girls, check out their CD Release show on November 11th. They are our guests for next week’s Episode #401.

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  1. Edward Smith

    The last all original modern classic shred rock band Under Indictment has never been on your show after playing music in Pittsburgh for 33 years the inventor of a revolutionary new way to speed shred and been played around the world see Instagram edunderindictmt isn’t it time?

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