Rat Rod PARS425

Rat RodOn episode 425 Mark McCarty of Rat Rod joins Bill to introduce us to both his band and the Philadelphia music scene.

Discussed in segment #1:

  • Is there a space in the band name, where did the name come from, & what car does the grill belong to?
  • We talked about “old” cars.
  • We talked about the band and their album, Do You Remember Rock and Roll.
  • What internationally touring band would you want to open for, and where?
  • Mark told us about their song, The Fool.

Mark and Bill discussed these topics in segment 2:

  • What music is in Mark’s music collection?
  • Mark tells us who supports him the most in his musical endeavors.
  • We find out a little bit about the Philadelphia Music Scene, including Mark’s favorite local venue.
  • We also find out about the moment that Mark realized he wanted to be in a band.
  • What is something that Rat Rod fans would be surprised to know about Mark?
  • What Rat Rod song do you want to survive forever?
  • Rock and Roll’s embarrassing moments…
  • Mark names 5 bands from his scene that he loves.
  • What would you tell potential fans about your band?
  • Tell us about your upcoming shows.

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