Pure Rock Fury! Dragline

For episode 409 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, Bill took the show on the road and hung out with Dragline at their practice space. The change of the location didn’t change the chaos of the interview process. We talked about just about everything from our kids to concerts that we’ve been at. We talked about how the band formed from the ashes of the Midnight Plowboys and some history behind the band. Jimmy then told us about the making of their original song, Rock and Roll Machine which we played during our break.

In segment 2, we learn a bit more about the band and their influences, what makes the band tick, in a round-about way we find out which of their originals the members think is the best, & just plain thinking questions… Jimmy, Jay, and Mike made their own unsigned super group from bands that they have played with over the years. The band talks about a show in Altoona with the Filthy Lowdown that turned into an interesting story about the Sidebar.

sorry about the audio quality… but it was soo cool to sit in there and watch this. I recorded it with a Dell Venue Pro.. thus the audio situation

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