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  • Turn it Upside Down with Brian Shaffer

    Brian Shaffer joined us on the phone to discuss what he has been up to lately including his newest gig as a voiceover talent! Brian K Shaffer – Turn It […]

  • Amigos Live! Czarnecki & Demos

    Pars podcast

  • Acarya

    A little Get Outta Town Action this month with Acarya and their first appearance on our show! broadcasted October 2012 Acarya Running Time: 0:48:37  

  • Venus in Furs

    Bill and Michael from Venus in Furs discuss everything from cds to vinyl, to 8 tracks?!? broadcasted August 2012 Featuring: Venus in Furs Running Time: 0:51:48 http://www.venusinfursrocks,com

  • ZILCH, and nothing but

    Zilch makes their debut the PA Rock Show. They discuss band history, the major scene, & the Local Scene broadcasted July 2012 Featuring: Zilch Running Time: 0:31:29

  • SuffaCate! It’s ok BREATHE!

    Bill reintroduces the band SuffaCate to the PA Rock Show. broadcasted June 2012 Featuring: SuffaCate Running Time: 0:18:43 SuffaCate’s Bio Suffacate has had a few incarnations. This version came […]

  • Reminisce with Jim Platt

    Jim Platt and Bill reminisce about PA Rock Show’s past, talk about Jim’s newest album and the one he is recording, & Much More broadcasted May 2012 Featuring: Jim Platt […]

  • TME! State of the Scene

    In this episode, Tony Marinacci of TME makes some huge announcements about his company and talks to Bill about the state of both the local and national scenes. broadcasted April […]

  • Ahoy Matey! Bloody Seamen

    I just finished interviewing a pirate band named the Bloody Seamen for this month’s the Pennsylvania Rock Show. To call my portion of the interview a train wreck would be […]

  • Xander Demos Shreds!

    broadcasted January 2012 Featuring: Xander Demos Xander made his debut on the Pennsylvania Rock Show on the January 2012 show. Running Time: 1:59:20 Episode 295: Xander Demos by The Pennsylvania […]

  • Tilt Room

    broadcasted December 2011 Featuring: the Tilt Room Running Time: 00:49:00 The Tilt Room’s Biography Based in the steel city of Pittsburgh, PA is The Tilt Room, a three-piece acoustic act […]

  • Chux Beta made this title. That’s why it is sooo long!

    broadcasted October 2011 Featuring: Chux Beta’s Jim Dunn Running Time: 1:22:20 Chux Beta’s Biography We are a rock band from Pittsburgh, PA. We make albums. We play live sometimes. We’re […]

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  • Black Ridge PARS464 (May 24, 2019)
  • Across the Dawn (June 7, 2019)
  • Neostem (June 14, 2019)