PA Rock Show 13 Pre-Show with Justin Cali of Divine Tragedy PARS402

Divine Tragedy - the Pennsylvania Rock Show 13Justin Cali of Divine Tragedy joins Bill to discuss all things Divine Tragedy and the Pennsylvania Rock Show 13. It should be noted that Divine Tragedy first graced the airwaves of the Pennsylvania Rock Show just over 10 years ago on 11/9/07 where they played 6 live songs during the show.

7:30 The Art of Burning Bridges
8:30 Tilted Shadows
9:30 Divine Tragedy
10:30 A Common Crown
11:30 Homicide Black

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Bill and Justin talk about the show on 11/9/07, the upcoming the Pennsylvania Rock Show 13, and what’s been going on with Divine Tragedy. Justin mentioned that they are working on writing some new material for the new year. I asked him about the percentage of originals vs covers in their set.  We talked about Skid Row and Sebastian Bach.

In segment 2, we talk about how many albums they have recorded and moved on to talking about whether or not the scene is dead… we talked about his favorite venue (sidebar). Among other things… also off the air Cali mentioned that he forgot to give a shout out to The Metal Edge… so here’s that shout out!

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