Episode 441 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show gets MaxXouT by Stosh and Elliot. See them live at Kissburgh at Howler’s Cafe

  • Where did your band name come from and how the band formed.
  • Bill gets a job offer…
  • Find out what is in the music collections of Stosh and Elliot and how it influences them.
  • Who would the guys of MaxXouT put into an all-star band from our music scene.. also ask them about Shreddy Eddy, unfortunately this didn’t make it to the show due to time constraints.
  • What internationally touring band would they like to play with and at what venue would they open their tour?
  • Find out about MaxXouT’s opinion of pay-to-play and what band they would have sell tickets to open for them.
  • Find out the meaning behind the song Steel-toed Boots

MaxXouT second segment topics:

  • Learn which upcoming song MaxXouT believes should survive the apocalypse.
  • We get to hear about first time wedding cookie adventures and how the band ended up in Pittsburgh.
  • If you’re listening and you’re a promoter, book MaxXouT for a wedding!
  • Find out what one of their songs would sound like in reverse.
  • What movie would one of your songs belong on the soundtrack for and who would star in it?
  • Love/Hate relationship with the scene…
  • pay-to-play
  • What has been the worst scenario the band has been in?

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