Lucky Me

Lucky MeEpisode 445 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show featured, Lucky Me, recently returning to the scene.

Segment 1

  • What brought you back to the scene? Did you just want to play with Robbie again?
  • Have you ever seen Robbie and Billy Ray Cyrus in the same room?
  • Learn how Lucky Me formed.
  • What band would Jessica like to front? (Think the movie Rockstar)
  • What band would Robbie want to play bass in?
  • Who would you put in an all-star band from the local scene, that you would manage?
  • Hear about their original, Best Thing.

Segment 2

  • Where does Chip DiMonick live? sort of?
  • Batman & Robin?
  • Why the name, Lucky Me?
  • You get to hear Bill and Robbie go on a reminiscing “rant” about the scene. You also get to hear Jessica talk a bit about the D.C. music scene and bands.
  • How can find Lucky Me, online?

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