Leprosy’s 30th Annihearsery

Chris, PJ, and Jeff of Leprosy make their first appearance on the Pennsylvania Rock Show for episode 437.

Topics covered in segment 1:

  • What are some of the changes that you’ve see in the 30 years that the band has existed? What venues do you miss?
  • What music would we find in their music collections?
  • Where did the name Leprosy come from?
  • Which Leprosy song should survive the apocalypse?
  • What would one of your songs sound like if it was played backwards?
  • If the band could open for any internationally band, who would it be and where would you like to play?

Topics covered in segment 2:

  • 30th Annihearsery Show on November 17 at the Sub Alpine with doors at 6:00pm 
  • Steel City Slamfest
  • The trio then took on the monumental task of creating an all-star metal band from the music scene.
  • Each band member had to tell us about an embarrassing moment from a different member in the band. (Dentures? Rolling Toms? more?)
  • When did you realize that you wanted to be in a metal band?
  • Each member of Leprosy gave us one thing that they love about the scene and one thing that they hate about it.
  • Leprosy believes that John Lane made a good point.
  • Find out something you might be surprised to know about the members of Leprosy.
  • They also mentioned that they’re going to dial back shows for a bit and record a full length album.

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