John Lane Am. Hilljack Pt 2

John LaneJohn Lane chats with us about his various experiences in 2 different music scenes as well as his USO tours! Part 2

John Lane – Stone Cold
TimeXpired – Inside My Walls-John Lane Interview Part 2-Stratega Show DatesStratega 320 – Insane v* Get Outta Town Segment* The Chemistry Set – Why Dont You* Broomfiller – FonzysnapJohn Lane – BYOBStrangeway – twisted and peculiarWriting Off Tomorrow – Into the FadeJohn Lane – HomemadeZilch – Never Get OutTony Marinacci – Control (Radio Mix)- 90 Amp Fuse Show DatesDivine Tragedy – Requiem of Flames

Around the Scene:

A Common Crown – “Awake”
Outliar – Thrashing the Vault
Find Your MUSE(ic): Video of the Week – “Out of the Urn” by Iron Brigade
Big Ugly 3QS025
01/31 Local Music Madness 3
02/01 A Common Crown – CD Release

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  1. parockshow

    The American Hilljack joined us in what became a two part show. He likes to talk and has quite the story to tell. Feel free to drop him a message here, as I am sure he will see it as he is now a regular part of the show!

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