JakethehawkEpisode 446 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show brings us face-to-face with the band, Jakethehawk to discuss their recent 8 track release, To Build a Fire (November 10, 2018 – Blackseed Records).

Segment 1 with Jakethehawk

  • What is the story behind the band name?
  • Is it a requirement to have a J as an initial to be in this band? The album was Engineered & Mixed by Justin Lober, Mastered by James Plotkin, Illustration & Layout by Joe Mruk, and Lyric Insert Layout by John Huxley?
  • Create an all-star band.
  • Tell us about the recording process of To Build a Fire.
  • Where can our listeners get a copy of To Build a Fire.
  • Upcoming shows?
  • Tell us about the song Geotaxis.

Segment 2 with Jakethehawk

  • Josh, what is one thing you like about the scene and one thing you’d love to change about it?
  • John, If I looked at your music collection, which bands and albums would I see?
  • Justin, who would you say has been your biggest supporter as a musician and why?
  • Jordan, If you could open for any internationally touring band, who would it be and what venue would you want to play? Everyone else piped in, too.
  • John, if there was a fire that destroyed all your music except for one song, which song would you want to survive history?
  • Justin, if you could go back in time and observe 1 band for 1 full year who would you observe and why?
  • Jordan, give me 2-3 bands from the 90s that you can’t stand.
  • Josh, name a couple of bands from the scene that you love.
  • Tell me about a time when one of your band members embarrassed you on stage.

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