INCO FIdO, or a portion of the 10 members of the band, joined Bill to discuss all things INCO FIdO. This episode was all over the place, in a good way. This is Episode 482!

Segment 1

  • Where did the name INCO FIdO come from?
  • You can pick 1 album that you’ve already heard to erase the memories of having heard it, and go back to listen to it like it’s the first time again. What would it be?
  • Tell me about an embarrassing moment you had on stage, or one that your band mates may have had.
  • Can you tell us about your writing process?
  • Tell me about the song 876.

Segment 2

  • If I was flipping through my Social Studies book, and I found a picture of you in the book, what would that page be about?
  • What is 1 thing you like about the scene, and one thing you would change because you absolutely hate it?
  • If there was 1 thing you could tell a potential fan about your band, what would it be?
  • If you could open for any internationally touring band, who would it be and at what venue?
  • If you could go back in time and follow a band around for a year and learn from them to help your band in the future, who would you follow?
  • Where can my listeners get a copy of your music from?
  • Where did the musician’s names come from?


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