GONTO, A Warriors Call PARS438

Gonto (of Latrobe, PA) joins Bill on episode 438 to discuss all things Gonto including current releases and some upcoming singles and videos.GONTO

  • GONTO – where did the name from?
  • who plays in the band?
  • You have ties to both Big Atlantic and Willow Hill and neither of those bands are really in the same musical realm as GONTO. How did those contacts come about?
  • You seem to be going a different route with releasing your music than the traditional Route. You seem to release the song online and then release a video to go along with it. What is he reasoning behind this model?
  • What is the process in creating a song, deciding on the video, and completing the whole process?
  • Can you name 5 unsigned bands from the scene that you absolutely love, and tell us why?
  • Where can my listeners get a copy of your singles? HERE

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