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Jana Lee MacheaJana Lee Macheca of First Angel Media joined Bill in episode 360 to discuss what her company does for the local music scene. First Angel Media offers promotions, weekly article features, show & CD reviews for the Pittsburgh area music scene. The company was founded to help promote the Pittsburgh music scene. It has evolved to photography, promotion of shows, written articles, and CD as well as show reviews. Working behind the scenes to help bands find venues as well as helping to promote a supportive and positive environment for all musicians. There is also an element for national and international bands, reviews and articles have reached across the USA and into other countries.

The First Angel Media is owned and operated by Jana Lee Macheca. Jana Lee is a writer of various materials, music and nonmusic related, and staff writer for Adrenaline 101 & The Heavy Metal ICU. Jana has also agreed to come on as a staff writer for our other site, AK Music Scene.

Bands promoted by First Angel Media (in no certain order)


Pittsburgh area bands:


Social Anxiety –

Horus Maze –

Dying Breed –

Silk9 –

3MD –

East End –

Concrete Soul –

Say Ahh –

Pleading the Fifth –


Weird Paul –

Jerry Fels –

Prime 8 –

7% Superstar –

Steel Reserve –

The Krush –

Burnin Boxes –

Lucky Me –

Badstone –

Hangin Hillary –

Neverwake –

Alter The Design –

Winter’s Decent –

Hellin Back Band –

Stampede –

Ambiance of Chaos –

Shady Mugs –

Cross Vision –

Miss Freddye –

Boothill Gang –

Crooked Cobras –

Order of Nine –

Mona Lisa Smile –

Eclectic Acoustics –

Zone 8 –

Staley’s Comet –

Creep –

Ezra’s Influence –

Chapter 13 –

Memories of Sunday –


Pittsburgh based music businesses:


David Granati’s Rock Academy’s :

For Those About To Rock (kids/teens)

&   Long Live Rock (adults)


Some Die Nameless Event Productions –

Hollar Productions –


WV Bands that cross over to Pittsburgh:


Ghost Road –

Jet Set Vapor Trails –

Orvill Rex –

The Funky Mudbugs –

Haggard Wulf –

False Profit –

Disillusion Effect –

Iron Jawed Guru –

The Furr –

What’s Missing –

Captain Catfeesh –

Swamp Drag –

False Pterodactyl –

Worst Kept Secret –

After Atlas  –


Out of Area Bands that regularly come to Pittsburgh


Cold Wrecks –



The Maension –


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