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First Angel MediaJana Lee Macheca, of First Angel Media, returns to the Pennsylvania Rock Show 116 episodes after her first appearance in episode 360. In segment 1, She and Bill give you some insight into the inner workings of First Angel Media, Build the Scene, the Pennsylvania Rock Show and Podcast your Scene. You’ll hear a bit about our reach and beginnings. You’ll hear a lot about how our endeavors intertwine.

We talked a bit about the collaboration behind the upcoming article on the Rock for Life 20 show, which included Bill, Reina Peli, and John Klazon.. and the family atmosphere of the people working to help build the music scene.

What can you expect to get from FAM as an artist and how should you submit it? Who is the staff of FAM and what do they do both for First Angel Media and on their own? What genres does your company cover?

About First Angel Media

Music Media for Pittsburgh and surrounding areas – Articles, photography, and anything else we can do to throw a spotlight on area music. With a team of writers, we want to cover more areas, more music and let you know all about the Music Scenes we love and support!

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