Find a Band: After the Fall PARS352

Back in the mid to late 90’s I was starting to get involved with the local music scene with bands like ZMW, Hybrid, Sundog, & (kaj). I had been designing websites for some of the bands and just starting to get my feet wet as a fan of the scene. Tim Henry of Hybrid was the reason that I started designing band websites and local business websites. Those 2 things lead to my coming into contact with both Chris Hawthorne of Indie Band Radio and Tony Marinacci of Total Music & Entertainment.

Without my touching base with those 2 people there wouldn’t be a Pennsylvania Rock Show. Chris gave me an outlet to start to play the best unsigned rock that Pennsylvania had to offer. Tony taught me how to run a mixer, without that skill, I would never had been able to do the live show on a weekly basis. Something else came out of this scenario and that’s what I’m here to tell you about now. Steve Craven and Matt Ferrante, also of Hybrid are the Godfather’s of Rock for Life and really the leaders of our local music scene. I’ve kinda attached myself to them and followed their lead throughout the years and without them, who knows if AK Music Scene and the Pennsylvania Rock Show would have made it.

Now on to the Find a band part of this podcast. You can find After the fall on Facebook, Reverbnation, & Twitter. You can also find their other 2 bands online here: Slant 6 & A Common Crown

Tracks in this episode:

  1. Hybrid – Unfaithful
  2. SuperXero – Compromise
  3. After the Fall – Call to Arms

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