Feeling a bit Trigger Happy

Stephen King from Trigger Happy was rearing to go. Guest Co-host John Lane and Bill had to catch up with a late intro. Stephen jumped right into talk about the band’s writing process. The first topic that we covered was song titles. This question came up because of titles like “The Plumber Prevails” and “The Boy Who Lived”.  Stephen was answering Bill and John’s questions before they could even answer them. We talked about his influences.

At the beginning of the second part of the interview you get a taste of the conversation that you usually don’t get to hear on the show. Stephen fed off of John pretty well and caused me to leave in some of the “off-air” conversation so that you could understand what was going on haha. You also get to hear us give some props to Utah and Bob of the Grass Roots Show on 97.7 FM.

Stephen gives us his take on the Butler Music Scene, as well.

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