Feast on the Fallen

For episode 460 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, Bill talked to the guys from Feast on the Cookies Feast on the Fallen out of Pittsburgh.

Segment 1

  • Where did your band name come from?
  • Tell us an interesting or embarrassing story about something that happened either on stage, on your way to the stage, or after being on the stage.
  • What do you believe to be the biggest strength of your band?
  • Feast on the Fallen gets to headline their first world tour. What bands do you bring along in support?
  • If I was on the tour bus with you, what bands would be on the radio for the trip?
  • What is your song Boneyard, about?

Segment 2

  • If you could live the movie Rock Star, which band would you join?
  • What would you like to change about our music scene?
  • What do you consider success to be as a musician?
  • How can our listeners get a copy of No Saviors?
  • What shows do you have coming up?

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