Silk9 & After the Fall

This month, we interviewed both Anthony Leone and Doug Carnahan about their bands’ new cd releases and many other questions that I was afraid to ask…episode320L

kaj – I Deny
the Pennsylvania Rock Show – Intro
Xander Demos – Dancing Through Daggers
Interview with Anthony Leone – segment 1
Silk9 – Tears
After the Fall – Rumors
KGB – Atomic Madman
Interview with Anthony Leone – segment 2
After the Fall – Meant to Be
Interview with Anthony Leone – Segment 3
Homicide Black – Church on the Hill
Paradox Please – Singularity
concert calender June and July 2014
Interview with Doug Segment 1
After the Fall – Fuckin’ Around
Sickleeye – Rockabye
Interview with Doug Segment 2
After the Fall – Remember the Time
Hybrid – Falling
KGB – Dead on Arrival
Camp Element – Trauma

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  1. parockshow

    In this episode we discussed the new releases by Silk 9 (new to the show) and After the Fall (the godfather’s of the music scene in our area) with each band respectively. Let us know what you thought of this episode and their new music! Don’t forget to pick up your copies of both albums Silk 9 – Exit the Pain and After the Fall’s 2014 EP

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