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Donny Eozzo joins us to talk about his solo work and his band Fighting Fate. We talked about his time in California and the meaning behind his song Train 413 in segment 1 of the interview.

In segment 2 we talked about upcoming shows for both Donny and his band Fighting Fate. Donny also does a open stage at Rock Ann Haven every other Wednesday. We talk about the local scene, his time in California, his solo album, and more. He gives us a little bit of insight into what his songs are about. Donny brought up “pay to play” and his dislike of it. He first experienced it in LA. He talked about the other band members (and how hard their last names are to say… so I suggested stage names). We also moved on to discuss the Danny Macko tribute show and the great showing that it had. We talked about how many albums Donny has recorded through the years and more… He also turns the table and asks me about something I would change about the local scene.

If you listen to the show the whole way through, Donny tells you how to get a free copy of Donny Eozzo – Just a Littlle Bit Crazy!

p.s. I may have said the wrong episode number haha

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