Wyatt, Carrek, Jason, and Rogan of Dieselbeast (Denton, TX) joined Bill for their debut on the Pennsylvania Rock Show.

What was discussed in segment #1.

  • Where their band name came from (Hint it is Dungeons and Dragons related).
  • Broken Matt Hardy (For you RBR fans out there) & Elias
  • Which Dieselbeast song each band member thinks should go down in world history.
  • We talked about the PA metal band Dethlehem and the Bloody Seaman pirate band, as well as Oberon from Oklahoma.
  • We also learned a tiny bit about A Thousand Bloody Nights off of their new release.
  • Each band member gets a chance to tell us about another band member’s most embarrassing stage moment.

Segment 2 of the interview contained the following topics:

  • What internationally touring band would Dieselbeast like to open for and at what venue.
  • What if Stonehenge exists to resurrect Dio to play with Dieselbeast?
  • South by Southwest
  • What music is in their collections
  • The worst bands of the ’90s
  • One thing that is great about the Denton scene and one thing that needs changed.
  • Create a super group from the bands in your scene
  • The exact moment that the members of Dieselbeast decided they wanted to play music
  • and more…

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