Dead Men visit PARS396

The members of Dead Men from East Stroudsburg, PA join Bill on the show for Episode 396. We began the show by discussing their music style/genres. Rich, Levi, and Kevin give us a bit of an inside look into how the band formed, the band name, and their writing process during the first segment. Dead Men told us about their song Damned, Doomed, & Cursed.

Segment 2: We started out learning about Dead Men through asking about the person that supported each of them the most as a musician (we get to learn about Levi’s musical family), what bands and albums are in their music collections, what band would they like to open for and at what venue, what their favorite venue is… we played a short round of “Either or”. We then move onto finding out about their embarrassing stage moments. The band wants you to grab a free copy of the ep at:  We ended things with a few shout outs to,, and

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