Danny Gochnour PARS473

Danny GochnourDanny Gochnour of Joe Grushecky and The Houserockers joined Bill to discuss his solo album, The Despair of Summer, that he released in September of 2018. This is episode 473!

Segment 1 with Danny Gochnour

  • What 3 records influenced you the most in shaping you into the musician you are today?
  • If I was flipping through my Social Studies book at school, and came across a page with a picture of you on it, what would that page be about?
  • Let’s talk The Despair of Summer, where did you record it, and are there any interesting stories about the writing or recording process for the disc?
  • Can you give us the VH1 story tellers version of Better Things to Do, and then we’ll take a listen to it?

Segment 2 with Danny

  • I know Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers are playing the Pittsburgh Blues Festival on Saturday, July 26, 2019, what other shows do you have coming up and what can you tell us about the Blues Festival show?
  • What was it like stepping in to an already well-known and established band like the Houserockers, which includes working with Bruce Springsteen from time-to-time?
  • When we were chatting on Facebook last night, I mentioned Lou Lombardi, who I was interviewing for my other podcast, 3 Questions & a Song, and you checked him out and said he was okay by you because he played PRS. So I assume that you’re a gearhead, want to tell us about your show rig?
  • How can my listeners get a copy of your music?

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