Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six PARS436

Dan Getkin of Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six chats with Bill on Episode 436 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Some of the topics covered in segment 1 were:

  • What a twelve six is.
  • Feeling Good About the End Times, EP
  • Which song should survive the apocalypse and represent Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six.
  • How do you handle “Play Freebird!”
  • Dan tells us about the make up of the band.
  • What national artist would Dan like to play with?
  • What do people yell at Lynyrd Skynyrd to heckle them?
  • Best and worst concerts Dan saw live?
  • When did Dan decide he was going to be in a band?
  • Dan tells us about the song “At the Ivy Inn”

What did they talk about in segment 2?

  • Dan’s influences and record collection.
  • What are his “guilty pleasure” songs?
  • What is something about you that would surprise your fans?
  • Bill gives Safety Last a small shout out for their set at Rocktoberfest.
  • What would we hear if we played a Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six backwards?
  • Where can we get a copy of  “Feeling Good about End Times“?

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