Our podcasts are the interviews we do of bands. It does not include the music that is played during the radio show.

  • Six Bar Break PARS435

     Six Bar Break joins us a few days after the new EP Release, Cleaner Than I feel. This is the second time that we talked to them, and I tried to keep the conversation as fresh as possible. You can find out some things that you might not know about the guys. You can learn about their favorite music websites, the Harrisburg scene, what they have been up since the last time that they were on the show, and more. Subscribe: iTunes | MixCloud | Android | Email | Google Play | TuneIn | RSS | More Give us […]

  • Jon Worthy PARS434

    Jon Worthy, Nashville recording artist and Pittsburgh Native joins Bill on episode 433 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. I know what you’re thinking. The last episode was a signed band, BILL! Now you’re bringing in Nashville artists, have you lost your mind? Jon is on the show to discuss his upcoming date at Club Cafe on Saturday October 6, 2018.   Subscribe: iTunes | MixCloud | Android | Email | Google Play | TuneIn | RSS | More Give us some Feedback: Contact: Be Our Guest | Music Submission | Feedback | 724-568-7018 | Mailing List

  • September Mourning PARS433

    We took a bit of a detour this week and spoke with September from September Mourning. We started out talking a little bit about their current tour and where they’ve been and where they’re headed. We talked about the comic book aspect that is tied into the band’s image. It is around this time that we find out that the lead singer from The Art of Burning Bridges, Patrick Romanelli,  is now the guitarist for September Mourning. The first of 2 eps for TOABB has entered the mixing phase with Ocean to Ash‘s Kris Kilohertz, while Pat is on tour.  […]

  • Oceans to Ash PARS432

    4/5 of the band Oceans to Ash joined Bill on episode 432 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. They introduced themselves and their new single to our listeners. Speaking of the single, you can get it for free on their bandcamp page! Segment 1: What is the meaning behind Oceans to Ash? Which Oceans to Ash song would the band want to survive the apocalypse? (and apparently the 4 Horseman showed up when it should have been global warming) Ever wonder what bands influenced them? Tune in to find out! The band talks about their upcoming shows, see below. Christian told […]

  • Shrouded In Neglect

    Shrouded in Neglect PARS431

    Nate Kepner of Shrouded in Neglect made is first trip to the Pennsylvania Rock Show tonight, and yes ladies and gentleman, that means this is a metal show! We talked about where the band name came from (this was a new one for me) and how the band formed. We talked about a few other metal bands from the scene both early on and later in the show. We moved on to Nate’s influences which include but are not limited to Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. (Okay maybe he mentions some metal bands and 90’s alternative bands, too). We then talked […]

  • Joey Conner PARS430

    Joey Conner of Tilted Shadows returns to the show to talk about his upcoming solo album. We talked about his playing guitar for musicals. Joey talked about his upcoming solo recording and how it came about. He talks about how the EP will be distributed and how it was recorded. Segment 2 We talked about upcoming shows for Tilted Shadows, David Hipchen (apparently the whole band haha) Acoustic Joey talks about playing Deutschtown Music Festival twice in one day. He also talks about playing in a rock band as a younger person. We talk about Dave abusing Joey with his guitar […]

Who is next?

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  • Zom PARS443 (December 21, 2018)
  • Wicked Earth PARS444 (December 28, 2018)
  • Shy Kennedy PARS445 (January 4, 2019)
  • JaketheHawk PARS446 (January 11, 2019)
  • 9 Stitch Method PARS447 (January 18, 2019)