Our podcasts are the interviews we do of bands. It does not include the music that is played during the radio show.

  • Black Ridge PARS464

    Paul Guerrini of the 7 piece rock, funk, soul, blues act... Black Ridge out of Blairsville, PA made another appearance on the show. He has been a guest as the singer from various acts throughout the year of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. This is episode 364!

  • SunDown PARS463

    Colt and Jayson of the Connellsville band, SunDown make their debut on the Pennsylvania Rock Show for episode 463.

  • Enenra Promotions PARS462

    Randy Cole joins us again, but this time to discuss his new promotion company, Enenra promotions.Seg


    Bill chats with Chris Leya of LIVEBURGHSTUDIO LIVEBURGHSTUDIO is a venue, tour house, studio, you name it. This is Episode 461!