Our podcasts are the interviews we do of bands. It does not include the music that is played during the radio show.

  • MaxXouT PARS441

    Episode 441 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show gets MaxXouT by Stosh and Elliot. See them live at Kissburgh at Howler’s Cafe Where did your band name come from and how the band formed. Bill gets a job offer… Find out what is in the music collections of Stosh and Elliot and how it influences them. Who would the guys of MaxXouT put into an all-star band from our music scene.. also ask them about Shreddy Eddy, unfortunately this didn’t make it to the show due to time constraints. What internationally touring band would they like to play with and at […]

  • Greywalker, Under Control? PARS440

    Greywalker takes control of episode #440 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Carrying the torch for the new wave of American heavy metal Greywalker deliver razor sharp dual guitar attacks, thunderous rhythms and pure, unfiltered aggression. In 2015 they self-released their debut album Beyond All Mortal and over the past couple years they have built a reputation for their relentless live performances sharing the stage with bands such as Darkest Hour, Nile, August Burns Red & Baroness. In 2017 they were nominated the “Best Metal Band” in the Pittsburgh City Paper’s annual Readers Poll. Blending their favorite melodic elements from Swedish […]

  • Ale Gibson, Radioactive Events Center PARS439

    Ale Gibson from the Radioactive Event Center, Inc. in Kittanning joined Bill for her debut on episode #439 to discuss her venue and quite a few other things. Ale is a promoter, event photographer, DJ, graphic designer, and venue owner: Topics discussed include: All of her talents that she lends to the local music scene Ale gives us some insight into the history of the Radio Active Event’s Center. The artists that have played at the venue. Mark Gibson’s role at the venue (former member of the band Pearl) and the artist that created the song, Nothin, But the Pittsburgh […]

  • GONTO, A Warriors Call PARS438

    Gonto (of Latrobe, PA) joins Bill on episode 438 to discuss all things Gonto including current releases and some upcoming singles and videos. GONTO – where did the name from? who plays in the band? You have ties to both Big Atlantic and Willow Hill and neither of those bands are really in the same musical realm as GONTO. How did those contacts come about? You seem to be going a different route with releasing your music than the traditional Route. You seem to release the song online and then release a video to go along with it. What is he […]

  • Leprosy’s 30th Annihearsery PARS437

    Chris, PJ, and Jeff of Leprosy make their first appearance on the Pennsylvania Rock Show for episode 437. Topics covered in segment 1: What are some of the changes that you’ve see in the 30 years that the band has existed? What venues do you miss? What music would we find in their music collections? Where did the name Leprosy come from? Which Leprosy song should survive the apocalypse? What would one of your songs sound like if it was played backwards? If the band could open for any internationally band, who would it be and where would you like […]

  • Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six PARS436

    Dan Getkin of Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six chats with Bill on Episode 436 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Some of the topics covered in segment 1 were: What a twelve six is. Feeling Good About the End Times, EP Which song should survive the apocalypse and represent Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six. How do you handle “Play Freebird!” Dan tells us about the make up of the band. What national artist would Dan like to play with? What do people yell at Lynyrd Skynyrd to heckle them? Best and worst concerts Dan saw live? When did Dan […]

Who is next?

  • Storm Dragon PARS442 (December 14, 2018)
  • Zom PARS443 (December 21, 2018)
  • Wicked Earth PARS444 (December 28, 2018)
  • Shy Kennedy PARS445 (January 4, 2019)
  • JaketheHawk PARS446 (January 11, 2019)
  • 9 Stitch Method PARS447 (January 18, 2019)