Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer drops in and we get right to discussing what he has been up to before I even introduce the show! I asked him about his current bands to get things underway.

Topics covered:

  • Brian’s time with (kaj) and Present Tense.
  • The history of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.
  • We talk about After the Fall and their new single “New S.A.” as well as the great production on it.
  • Brian and I talk a bit about Bill Postle and his influence upon Brian.
  • Brian picks Bill’s brain about how to get music for podcasts and how the music is delivered.
  • We talked about Brian’s podcast, The Weekly Rock Blog coming back from a long hiatus. Make sure you check out episode 12 where he talks to… me.
  • Ace Frehley vs. Tommy Thayer
  • What brought Brian to the podcasting world? We also talk about our recording setups and habits.


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