Brady Novotny PARS498

Brady Novotny makes his debut on the Pennsylvania Rock Show for Episode 498! Bill last talked to him on an early episode of 3 Questions and a Song, about a year ago?

Segment 1 with BRADY NOVOTNY

  • What are your favorite things that you’ve done in the year between interviews with me?
  • Bill gives Brady a homework assignment.
  • If you could sit on a bench with any musician and ask them anything who would you sit with, and what would you ask them?
  • What band would you like to follow around for a year?
  • Where can the listeners find you online?
  • Tell us about your wife’s podcast…
  • If you were going to build a band of local musicians to manage, who would be in the band, and why?
  • What one person would you say has supported you the most as a musician?
  • Tell us about your song, Ancient Romance…

Segment 2 with BRADY

  • What is something people would be shocked to find about you?
  • Who is your favorite superhero?
  • Brady decides to host his first segment on the Pennsylvania Rock Show…
  • If you could play with any internationally touring band, who would you want to play with and where?
  • If I’m flipping through my social studies book in a few years and come across a page with Brady Novotny on it, what would that page be about?
  • What upcoming shows would you like to mention?

Around the Scene:

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