Black Ridge PARS464

Black Ridge
Read a review of the EP on Build the Scene

Paul Guerrini of the 7 piece rock, funk, soul, blues act… Black Ridge out of Blairsville, PA made another appearance on the show. He has been a guest as the singer from various acts throughout the year of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. This is episode 364!


  • tell us about your new EP.
  • Upcoming shows
  • Influences for the band overall?
  • If we were to play a Black Ridge song backwards what would we hear?
  • If you could go back in time and follow any band for a year, who would you follow and why?
  • We use a random number generator to decide which track to play and talk about. You get to learn about the song, “Good Time To Go”

Segment 2 WITH Paul

  • Who are you favorite bands from the local scene?
  • Let’s talk about Alicia Hruby & Rock for Life
  • Where can we find Black Ridge online?
  • What’s the deal with the band name?
  • What is the song that you guys perform the best?

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