The following bands have either been guests on the show or have allowed us to share their music to the world. Without them, we would not exist. (Please report broken links to

All My Monsters

All my monsters is a very dynamic high energy rock band. Playing classic and modern alternative rock. From songs you’ve heard for years, to the deep tracks you wont hear on the radio.

Alter the Design

Alter The Design is an 'heavy rock' band based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with the following influences: Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, A Perfect Circle, Tool

Amber Alexis

Amber Alexis was formed in 2002 and covers a variety of genres, along with a wide range of origional music composed by Faith Amber & Jackie Alexis.

Andy Oddo

After many years in the cover band scene, Andy Oddo, guitarist for Pittsburgh band Victoria Fire, decided in 2018 to focus his efforts on writing, performing, and producing original music. The result is the debut five-song EP "Forever And A Day" featuring Nick Figley on lead vocals.

Anger the Ant

Original 4-piece rock/blues/Americana from Butler, PA.

Aris Paul Band

Aris Paul is an award winning songwriter, virtuoso touring guitarist and musician.
Signed to a Nashville label at seventeen writing and working in Nashville also as  studio musician.
After college Aris put together his band of talented musicians and they  have not stopped.
The APB have opened on tour for artists such as
International blues guitarist)... DAVEY KNOWLES, BILL TOMS, JOSHUA DAVIS, BON JOURNEY & more..

Ashbury Keys

Ashbury Keys is a Texas-based alternative rock band that features its own “Brit-Tex” brand of rock. The band’s sound reflects early Brit-Pop influences (such as the Smiths, Oasis, Candy Skins, and the Wonder Stuff), but as displayed through a distinctly Texas filter. The band recently completed its second year of successful shows in the United Kingdom, playing shows in London, Liverpool and Manchester, which has served to grow the band’s affinity for the UK.

Big Atlantic

Explosive rock band Big Atlantic harnesses the raw energy of a rock n roll show with modern music that radiates pure joy with deep roots in the rich, industrial Pittsburgh scene and heavily inspired by such powerhouse guitar-driven rock legends as The Foo Fighters, Rush, STP, The Who and Led Zeppelin. Together, they vibrate with gritty guitar melodies, fast driving rhythms and rich vocal harmonies, unleashing an earth-shaking sonic wave of sound. The band’s absorbing, intimate live shows and well-crafted recordings showcase members’ technical command of their instruments, effortless chemistry and talent for pouring pure heart into every performance. Collectively, they have collaborated and played shows with such national acts as Sha Na Na, The Goo Goo Dolls, Foo Fighters, Alien Ant Farm, Ballyhoo!, Rusted Root, Iration, and The Movement. In summer of 2016, Big Atlantic provided VIP entertainment at First Niagara Pavilion alongside Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, and Alter Bridge.

Big House Pete

Big House Pete is a Pittsburgh Based Rock Tradition. Hatched in the early 1990’s from the front man/ singer songwriter Paul Peterson. Paul has been mastering his craft since graduating from GIT in California in 1987 and has played in many successful bands since then. With the formation of the Big House Pete project in 2001 he gained the creative freedom to express himself through his own music.

Borstal Boys

Contact: Paul Unger
Anthony Lamonde, bassist, is available for interviews in advance of the show.
Please contact Paul Unger to schedule.
The Borstal Boys self-titled 7 song CD started as a solo album for bass player
Rocky Lamonde in late 2017. As he worked on putting together songs for the
recording he put together an incredible group of known musicians to play on the
album (guitarist Vinny Q, drummer Scott Wilson, keyboardist Joe Pelesky
(Houserockers), guitarist Patrick Norman (Rusted Root) and singer Mark
During the recording, Bob McCutcheon owner of The Vault Recording Studio
and owner of Vault Records liked what he heard and signed Lamonde’s project
which later turned into The Borstal Boys. The Borstal Boys is guitar driven with
smooth vocals and bar room pianos. Scott Mervis, entertainment editor for the
Pittsburgh Post Gazette describes the CD as crunchy bar-rock sound laced with
R&B. The main song writing is done by Lamonde, Vinnie Q and Patrick Norman.
Each song has individual influences in them. Lamonde feels they are a rock
band deeply influenced by Rolling Stones and Faces.
The group have created a buzz in the Pittsburgh music scene. The album has
legendary Pittsburgh players on it. Norm Nardini and Hermie Granati played on
several of the tracks as well as Brett Staggs and Katie Simone. While recording
Lamonde reached out to Hermie Granati who played piano on several of the
tracks and asked if he knew any piano players that were looking to get into a
new project. A couple of weeks later Lamonde gets a phone call from Joe
Pelesky, the keyboard player for over 15 years with Joey G and the Iron City
Houserockers. In his years with the Houserockers Joe has shared the stage with
many high level musicians including Bruce Springsteen and The Band. Lamonde
didn’t stop there, he approached Patrick Norman the bass player of Rusted Root
to play guitar on the project. Patrick Norman has played all over the world and
has toured with many giant acts such as Led Zeppelin's Page & Plant. Patrick
and Rocky hit it off right away and started to write together.
The songs on the CD are about love loss and the pain of living with loss. Guitar
player Vinny Q formerly of the Zippers, Bill Toms and Torn and Frayed, wrote
Marlene June a song for his mother who passed in 2018. The song is a beautiful
tribute to the wonderful life she lived and how she touched his life. She wasn't a
very religious person but the song is about the thought there has to be a place in
heaven for non believers too.
Head Full Of Ghosts is a song written about the things that go through your head
during bad times. Sometimes it's hard to block them out but they're in there.
Personal loss and dark times.
My Everything is about Lamonde's girl who puts up with him. She has to be a
Fallen Angel was written about a close friend that died too soon. A lifetime of
partying catches up with you sooner or later.
The self-titled CD was mixed by Grammy winning engineer and producer Jimmy
The band is already recording it’s next release due to be out by late spring 2019.
You can go to their website to check out the videos music and dates at

Bands without an Online Presence (possibly broken up)

3 Fold,   Adam Evil & The Outside Royalty,   The Amplifires,   Ballistik,   Basis,   BeeJae,   Big With Seed,   Black Eyed Peace,   Bradley Gailey,   Brian Boone Band,   Bring Out The Dead,   Buffalo Alice,   B.U.M.,   Burning Earth,   Camp Element,   Catgut Tonic,   The Chemistry Set,   Chux Beta,   Coverts Crossing,   Creeps,   Dana Lynn,   Davenport,   david fiorenza,   Deception Point,   Deja Vudoo,   Deuce,   DIALOG,   Deception Point,   The Divide,   Divine Betrayal,   dodging august,   Dog Day Sunrise,   Don Moore,  dormitory effect,   Doug Mackie,   The Douglass Brothers,   Drive,   Drop Monday,   echojade,   Eutopia,   Fear Itself,   Fell Upon Thieves,   Fiction on Fire,   Fiorenza-Dowlin,   Five Feet Ahead,   Fountain Infinity,   Further Down,   Gasoline Dion,   George Sabol,   The Ghost Next Door,   Gibraltar,   Go Around,   Grand Fury,   Gutterfly,   The Hang Lows,   Happy Ending,   The Hitchcock Curse,   Hooch,   Hybrid,   Hybrid… the new breed, I Vampyre,   I Vampyre,   Ill Noise Inc, In Like Flint, In The Eyes, Iron Fist Dillusion, Ivins and the Popetarts, James Buckley, JD Strum, Jeremiah Ostrosky, JJ, John Fox, Josh McCann Band, Justin Ryan, Kurios, Kurt Benit, Lacking Restraint, Land Mynd, Landlord, Left of Gray, Level SD, Lloyd Willacy, Loko Phlyum, Lolly Trigger (Kris, Terry, & Brian), Long Time Divided, The Loose Springs, LUE,   Matt Parsons,   m e r g e d o w n,  Meaning in the Static, Michael Reich, Milk, Mission Earth,   Modern Habit, Mojo Filter, My Evergreen Avenue,   My Little Friend Walter,   oakland av,   OldScool,   On Faith Alone,   One Gig Big, One Left Standing, Osaris, Our After, Page Water,   Paradox Please,   Past Pluto, PepperDome, Pigweed, Phoenix Williams,   Pieces of Eden,   The Pushrods,  RadioBomb,   Randori, Ratcliff & Bailey, Rented Bodies, Resolution 15,  Rob Gainor Featuring John Fox,  S.W.A.M.M.P.,   Samantha Murphy,   The Science Fiction Idols,   Scratch,   The Screams,   Sea of Glass, Second Before the Crash, Second Empire,   Serious Grind, Shade, SickleEye,   Sift, Sight Unseen, Sing the Evens, Play the Odds,   Slingshot Genius,   skytone,   Sofachrome,   Solid,   Something Sacred, Soul Distraction, Spencer, Splendor Field,   Step 11,   Stepto,   Stephen Christopher,   Stereo Vibe,   Stevie J Band,   Stink Palm Death,   Stomp Engine,   Stomper,   Storm King,   Strangeway,   Strap on Bomb,   Stratega, Stream,   Stronghold,   suffaCATE,   SuperXero,   Tea & Biscuits,  Terafin,   Terry McCausland, Tilt Room, Time Refuses to Wait, Time Xpired, Tony Lee,  Tony Smith, The Travelers, Tukurpa,   Tunnel Head,   Turn,   Turning Point, Undermine the Common,   VESTA,   Wearing the Inside Out,   Whiskey High,   Zilch, ZMW