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Americana-Shoegazing tunes from an indie rock band with feelings. Old souls. Young people. New songs. Come listen.

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Shadow of the Flag
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Formed in early 2013, Shadow Of The Flag set out to do one thing. To make lasting music…and that they have.
Drummer Jeff Lees and guitarist Angelo Morreale, who dwell in the Pittsburgh, PA area, wrote and recorded some songs with a natural adulation. Yet, vocals would soon need to be provided, but by who? A global search began and ended quickly and close by. After wading through several submissions the choice was clear, Gordon McCready from Toronto Canada became the front man for Shadow Of The Flag!

With a slew of music both written and recorded, look out for an official release in the near future. With the addition of guitarist Don Sigmund, SOTF has begun to support their sound live as well. Booking shows from Pittsburgh to Toronto, and everywhere in between, taking it to the stage is where they really connect.

Make sure not to miss the train when SOTF drives a stake in your town!

Spinning Jenny

Spinning Jenny was formed in 2011 after playing their first gig at a family reunion. Thanks to the kindness of John DiCarlo, frontman of the U.S. Kids, Spinning Jenny was then asked to open for the U.S. Kids at a benefit show held in Steubenville, Ohio. That became not only their first public gig, but the launchpad of nearly three years of playing and making music. Spinning Jenny is proud to say they are a family, with the group consisting of Dr. John Balzano and his three daughters, Julia (18), Talia (15) and Angelina (13). Dr. Balzano passed on his musicianship and love of music, particularly rock-and-roll, to his three daughters from an early age. Before long, the girls learned how to play guitar, drums, bass and keys, and that foundation led them to officially starting Spinning Jenny. During their live shows, audiences can expect to hear a wide variety of music genres — including old-school rock-and-roll, the latest hits on the radio and alternative rock hits — ensuring that there’s something for every age to enjoy. The next step for Spinning Jenny was creating their own music. They were incredibly blessed to meet Lou Contumelio and Dan Bozek of Aardvark Productions, a recording studio in Steubenville. Right away, Spinning Jenny knew they were a perfect match and began working on their debut album, “Outside The Lines,” which mixes rock, alternative rock and pop to create a unique blend of songs for everyone to enjoy. Eight songs later, they finished and released their debut album to the public. In the meantime, Spinning Jenny had filmed their first music video with Shooters Productions of Martins Ferry, Ohio, for their song, “Outside The Lines.” Like the album, the members of Spinning Jenny are very excited about their first music video and are proud to share it. No matter what the future holds for Spinning Jenny, their love of music and love for each other as a family will continue to drive them onward.

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Unbroken Soul

Formed nearly 11 years ago under the guise of Access Denied, Unbroken Soul brings you original hard rock / heavy metal from Western Pennsylvania. The groups influences range from The Beatles and Black Sabbath to today’s modern Bullet for My Valentine and Disturbed.  Bringing together different playing techniques and style and molding them into what can only be considered no nonsense hard rock.  The band decided on the name change to Unbroken Soul in 2013 due to some members moving on to other projects, but the core remained to continue on and conquer all. Playing with classic acts such as LA Guns, Funny Money (KIX), Chris Holmes (of WASP), The Bullet boys, and Bang Tango, the band modified out from the late 80s/early 90s hair band feel to the aggressive, emotional, in your face, from the heart music they play today. Look for them with local hard rock and metal acts Homicide Black, Silk9, After the Fall, LoveSick, 2KD, The Hellfire Club, NightHunter, and many others.
Unbroken Soul is: Rob Wolfe – Vocals, Tim Doverspike – Drums, Greg Gunder – Bass, Shawn Donahugh Jr – Guitar and Vocals, and Shawn Donahugh Sr – Guitar and Vocals

The Redlines

About The Redlines: When one looks at all the pieces that shape The Redlines it comes down to one thing: Rock & Roll. Hailing from just north of Pittsburgh, PA, the 4-piece band has taken personal influences and past experience to create a sound they call, American Rock & Roll, a unique blend of twangy roots rock and crunching power-pop. No strangers to the stage or studio, Brian Seese and Jason Lizzi share lead vocal and guitar duties while Tony Vinski (bass) and Mark Ciorra (drums) fill out the rhythm section to create songs with a classic feel but delivered with a fury. Their latest album, the 2016 EP “This Road Can Go On” on Swade Records, features the single “County Road”, heard on Pittsburgh’s WXDX (105.9 The X), Butler’s WLER (97.7), Youngstown, Ohio’s WNCD (93.3 The Wolf), and is in the regular rotation of Tri Lakes Radio out of Colorado Springs, CO.

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Terachain Sky

TeraChain Sky is a high energy hard southern rock band from the Pittsburgh area. Proudly sponsored by Coldcock Whiskey and Dirtbag Clothing

The Slobberknockers

Once upon a time, a faction of Pro-Wrestlers grew tired of winning championship titles from all across the world. With no challenges left ahead of them, they decided to form a band, a band of which the likes have never been seen before. From Parts Unknown (somewhere in PIttsburgh, PA), the Slobberknockers were born. The first and best Wrasslin-Core band known to humankind, the Slobberknockers musically stomp mud holes in your ass and walk ’em dry, one tune at a time.

Silk 9

Silk9 is a Pittsburgh PA based hard rock band that was founded in April of 2013 by Anthony
Leone and Jamie Rohr.
The” vision” of Silk9 was to “embrace” the essence of the 90’s and add an original spin
on today’s hard rock genre.
In May of 2014 the band released its first EP entitled “Exit the Pain.” Songs from the EP have
been featured on 97.7 fm, Butler PA, Adrenaline 101 internet radio, and 105.9 fm the X and 102.5 WDVE, in
Pittsburgh PA., The PAROCKSHOW.COM, 107.5 The EAgle in Wheeling WV, as well as being featured on Lou Lombardi’s, Rock n’ Roll Circus and, our favorite lady of metal, Kimmi Rudolph’s Metal Deli.
We’ve worked with some great national acts including, Lynch Mob,
Adelitas Way, The Art of Dying, Hillbilly Herald, Drowning Pool, Crobot, Skid Row and Jake E Lee’s Red dragon Cartel, as well as some of the top local bands in the area.

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Shattered has been rockin’ the Pittsburgh area since 2006 and are ready to release their long awaited debut album, “Rise of Hypocrisy”, in February 2012. From the heavy hitting sound of the opening anthem “Reborn”, to the epic ballad and album closer “Tie that Binds”, this is one record that hard rock fans will be sure to enjoy. Shattered has shared the stage with several national acts including Taproot, Trapt, Cold, 10 Years, Hurt, Egypt Central, Earshot, and more. Shattered’s live shows never disappoint as they mix in their heavy hitting originals with covers from such artists as Staind, Alice in Chains, Dio, Deftones, Sevendust, Tool, and countless others. So be sure to check out a show and pick up their album “Rise of Hypocrisy”.

Wicked Earth

Progressive Rock band out of Pittsburgh, PA

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