Andy Oddo

After many years in the cover band scene, Andy Oddo, guitarist for Pittsburgh band Victoria Fire, decided in 2018 to focus his efforts on writing, performing, and producing original music. The result is the debut five-song EP “Forever And A Day” featuring Nick Figley on lead vocals.

Jackie Blue
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Formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the Fall of 2016, Jakethehawk is a band with feet firmly in two camps. Their time on stage in direct support of acts as diverse as Italian doom giants Ufomammut and Maryland soul-rock riffsters Lionize illustrates this. The heavy-riff oriented style hearkens to the heavy rock and metal scene that pervades the underground. Shunning the in-your-face barbarism of modern mainstream hard rock, Jakethehawk takes a cue from bands of years past, focusing on emotive, colossal riffs that appeal to both the heavy metal fan and casual listener equally.
Looking beyond the simple, low end fuzz of so many of their forefathers, Jakethehawk feels kinship with modern psychedelic and post-rock movements. Soundscapes, layers, and textures color the music; driving the wall of sound onward inexorably toward some distant horizon.

Jason “Mailman” Slee

Acoustic Artist from Kittanning, PA

Jim Platt Rhythm Innovation

Jim Platts Rh​ythm Innovation was formed while in the studio recording his latest record “Moving Through The Ages”.. Jim discovered from a Noel Gallagher interview when he decided not to go out as just himself he got the idea for high flying birds from a jefferson airplane song…so as did jim then realize a full band effort was used.. He came up with the Rhythm Innovation..

Jim has been involved with music for over 15 years. Has recorded 5 albums before the new EP in 2012..Reflections(2005), Long Forgotten Road(2006), Led By Grace(2007), Tea For Two(2008), and Finally Accepted(2009)…

In addition to those albums Jim has played many different enjoyable venues from Keynote Cafe in Jeannette, PA …to Speals Tavern in New Aleandria, PA and DV8 Coffee House in Greensburg, PA (to name a few)

Also has down Radio Shows: The PA Rock Show In Leechburg, PA and The Acoustic Hour Show in Indiana, PA

His biggest joy was playing Recoupe Lounge In NYC in December of 2009….

His Biggest Influences came from listening to his father play Beatles Records and deciding that is what he wanted to do.. John Lennon being his Biggest influence into picking up the guitar to learn to play…other influences are George Harrison(Solo), Noel Gallagher, Oasis, The Who..and many many more!

be sure to check out Jim Platts Rhythm Innovation Today!

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JJ McGuigan

JJ McGuigan was born in Wichita Kansas where he currently resides. He found a passion for music at the age of 13 when he received his first drum set. He later picked up guitar and started writing songs at the age of 20. He attended Newman University where he played for the Men’s basketball team and was an assistant coach there while attending Full Sail University. His main focus and passion is writing songs with an emphasis on lyrical creation. He has just recently wrapped up a 5 song EP that was sung by Garrett Crow and is writing another album with guitarist Brian Elwick.

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Joe Patrick & Four on the Floor

Formed in 2005, Joe Patrick and Four on the Floor have performed all around the tri state area and for many different occasions. They have had to opportunity to share the stage with a number of established acts including Gretchen Wilson, Blake Shelton, Phil Vasser, Craig Morgan, David Allen Coe, to name a few. Currently working on their second album, they have managed to keep it country, though they do show their rock n roll roots every now and again.

John Vento

John Vento is often called a chameleon in the Pittsburgh music scene; and, while his critics may use the term as a pejorative, Vento views it as a compliment. He understands that they’re motivated by the frustration of their inability to lock him into a specific musical style. After all, the front man for the high-energy, hard-rockin’ bands, The Businessmen, and the Nied’s Hotel Band, is also known for his introspective, brooding solo recordings.

Rather than a drawback, however, Vento considers such diversity to be among his strengths; and his fans agree. They relish sharing his tumultuous trek toward achieving his artistic vision, which he accomplishes by channeling a blend of eclectic influences through his own, raw emotions.

Helping to engineer the roller coaster ride is a stout core of colaborators, including John Randall Fox, Buddy Hall, Tim Hadley, and Frank Ferraro, along with renowned playwright/lyricist, Amy Hartman. Many members of this crew have been with him for more than a decade; and it’s easy to understand why, as Vento consistently showers them with appreciation and accolades. Though a one-of-a-kind performer, he professes a great distaste for the word, “solo,” insisting that, “Without my collaborators, I would not have accomplished anything.”

That’s no surprise to those who know him, as he truly is a humble, loving, and grateful person, who treasures his family and friends. Certainly, that comes across, loud and clear, in his honest, from-the-heart songs; and that, undoubtedly, is another quality which endears him to his fans. As he puts it, “If just one person is touched in some small way by one of my songs, that’s the greatest reward that I could receive.”

Of course, it’s purely logical that Vento would find a great following in this town. His steely resistance to categorization is the very essence and backbone of Pittsburgh. Built by a veritable melting pot of blue-collar workers, the once-gritty city has risen from the slag heap, through the smoke and haze, to become a sparkling, spectacular hub of culture and learning. Yet, it remains true to its deeply-forged identity.

And, through his molten lyrics and passionate delivery, Vento covers that entire spectrum.

When performing live John is accompanied by:
Ian Arthurs – Acoustic Guitar
Phil Vento – Bass
Lou Ross – Percussion

Johnny Walylko

After a heart condition dropped Johnny from Navy SEAL training and a knee injury cut short his MMA career, his passion for music unveiled itself.

University of Pittsburgh’s Battle of the Bands Winner – Fall 2017

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Kaelber is an up and coming band that has been building a steady buzz in Pittsburgh and the surroundings areas since their first show in 2015. Based out of Greensburg, PA, Kaelber combines an eclectic mix of psychedelic, alternative, progressive, and pop rock fused with punk, funk, and metal to create a truly unique sound. Kaelber’s onstage energy is infectious as they showcase their original songs and play covers from influences such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jimi Hendrix.

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Who is next?

  • Across the Dawn (June 7, 2019)
  • Neostem (June 14, 2019)
  • Justin Wade Band (June 21, 2019)