The following bands have either been guests on the show or have allowed us to share their music to the world. Without them, we would not exist. (Please report broken links to

Coal Town

Coal Town was formed late in 2013 by vocalist/guitarist Matt McDivitt, drummer Jared McClure, and guitarist Matt Cavallo. We started out by playing private parties, and moved onto bars. 2015 saw us play almost 40 shows at bars, carnivals, festivals, and benefits. In the beginning, we would have vocalist Jessi Boldy open for us playing an acoustic set for many shows. At the beginning of 2016 we added her as a member of the band adding the diversity of having a male and female vocalist. Also at the start of the year we brought in long time friend Tim Artman to take over the reigns on bass. We were voted Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards Best Alternative Band in 2015. 2016 is shaping up to be a big year, we've been working on original music and recording for an upcoming album release. Also we are on pace to pass the amount of shows played in 2015. Also we filmed video of us at Lernerville Speedway in Sarver Pa of an original song "Dirt Track Anthem" for a documentary about the track. We plan to take this band as far as we can, so join us on our journey wherever it may take us!

Matt McDivitt – Vocals and Rythm Guitar
Jessi Boldy –  Vocals and Rythm Guitar
Matt Cavallo – Lead Guitar
Jared McClure – Drums
Tim Artman – Bass Guitar

Murder for Girls

Self-described melodic garage rock. Sometimes punky, sometimes riotous, sometimes balladeering, but always rocking.
Formed in 2013, featuring members, now or then, of Bunny Five Coat, Blindsider, Paris Green, Liverball, and Zits of America.

Jonathan Bagamery / bass
Tammy Wallace / guitar + vocals
Michele Dunlap / drums + vocals
Stephanie Wallace / guitar + vocals

Zorahna Weslowski / guitar + vocals

Being that none of us are overly eager to ramble about ourselves, here's what some various certified wordsmiths have had to say about us...

"Murder For Girls is a four piece band from Pittsburgh, PA who formed in 2013.  Murder For Girls play a melodic and catchy as hell style of music that incorporates elements of pop punk, indie rock, and grunge within their sound.  Musically, Murder For Girls can be loosely compared to bands such as Thin Lips, Worriers, Discount, Hop Along, Cheap Girls, and Speedy Ortiz.  Since forming in 2013, Murder For Girls have released a self-titled five song EP in June of 2014.  All The Wishes is the band's latest full-length LP, which was released on May 5th, 2016.  On All The Wishes, Murder For Girls offer up ten tracks of infectiously catchy punk, grunge, and indie rock.  Overall, All The Wishes is a killer LP and should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!"

~Chris Morris (Dead Air at the Pulpit)

"The fuzzy, fussy ’tude of local garage-punks Murder For Girls is at times surfy, reverby and dreamy, and other times screechy and frustrated. It brings to mind a mixture of ’90s Pacific Northwest riot grrrl and modern Best Coast-style pop. Two legendary alt-rock Kims are clear influences on Murder For Girls: Gordon, of Sonic Youth, and specifically her blurry, druggy, “say it, don’t spray it” vocals; and Deal, of The Breeders and The Pixies. This gives MFG’s work an almost sinister and brooding understated tone."

~Andrew Woehrel (Pittsburgh City Paper)

We are an Original heavy rock and roll band based out of the eastern out skirts of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania located in a town named Irwin.


Swooping down on the earth like a mystical bird of flame, (kāj) provides a rebirth of rock from the ashes of it's predecessors. Driven by a strong vocal presence and melodic guitar riffs and brought together with intense bass undertones and driving rhythmic patterns producing a sound that you aren't likely to forget.

(kāj) was a four member high-energy, modern rock band hailing from the Alle-Kiski Valley of Western Pennsylvania.

13 Saints

13 Saints is a four-piece band from Pittsburgh that play surly rock and roll songs infused with elements of power pop and punk. A true Hoi Polloi toy. These musical veterans are at home on big stages or small, but prefer the intimacy of any dive bar. They are committed to giving the audience a memorable show and, like 'em or not, they can't be ignored. Their debut album, Crushing Copper, is available now featuring 11 tracks of gritty, passionate music. If rock and roll is part of your DNA, then put 13 Saints on your must-see list.

Official Website
9 Stitch Method

Progressive alternative metal from Pittsburgh, PA.

A Common Crown

Vocals. J. Heymers
Drums. M. Ferrante
Bass. S. Craven
Guitar. Z. Shepard
Guitar. D. Mammano

A Lovely Crisis

A Lovely Crisis is flipping the proverbial finger to the manufactured “pop band” image. Formed in Pittsburgh, Pa in 2010, brought together by a mutual love of old school punk and post-punk artists, A Lovely Crisis is a 4-piece punk rock band that looks to find the beauty that comes out of turmoil. Having spent a large percentage of their lives during war time and financial crisis, their songs give voice to their frustration, touching on corrupt politicians and human rights.

Their new full length, “Where Do You Stand?” is a challenge to the listener to question where they stand on issues that affect all of us. Produced and recorded by Anti-Flag’s Chris(#2)Barker, “Where Do You Stand?” is due out June 3rd on A-F Records with extensive East Coast and Midwest touring to follow.

Official Website
A Moment in Pompeii

After meeting in college in 2013, Antonio DiBiasio (drums) and David Pinkerton (guitar) began jamming their favorite songs together. They eventually began writing original songs and the band grew, gaining the talents of Doug Boylan on lead guitar and Sam Allison with vocal duties. Josh Mauro later joined the band, jumping onto bass after performing vocals in his previous musical efforts. The band began recording in the summer of 2017, releasing their first single that fall.

A Moment in Pompeii's name reflects the temporary nature of life in a broken and unforgiving world: do what you can, while you can. Make your moment matter, because life is fleeting.


Know the feeling of adventure and anticipation that flutters in your stomach the moment you hit the road? That's the feeling that bubbles up from Acarya's music ... earthy percussion, rocking bass, interlocking strings, and deep vocals create a sound imbued with excitement, wonder, and a feeling of freedom. This upbeat tribal rock band invites you to grab your dancing shoes, your backpack, a drink, a few friends, and join in - and don't forget the marshmallows!


Bands without an Online Presence (possibly broken up)

3 Fold,   Adam Evil & The Outside Royalty,   The Amplifires,   Ballistik,   Basis,   BeeJae,   Big With Seed,   Black Eyed Peace,   Bradley Gailey,   Brian Boone Band,   Bring Out The Dead,   Buffalo Alice,   B.U.M.,   Burning Earth,   Camp Element,   Catgut Tonic,   The Chemistry Set,   Chux Beta,   Coverts Crossing,   Creeps,   Dana Lynn,   Davenport,   david fiorenza,   Deception Point,   Deja Vudoo,   Deuce,   DIALOG,   Deception Point,   The Divide,   Divine Betrayal,   dodging august,   Dog Day Sunrise,   Don Moore,  dormitory effect,   Doug Mackie,   The Douglass Brothers,   Drive,   Drop Monday,   echojade,   Eutopia,   Fear Itself,   Fell Upon Thieves,   Fiction on Fire,   Fiorenza-Dowlin,   Five Feet Ahead,   Fountain Infinity,   Further Down,   Gasoline Dion,   George Sabol,   The Ghost Next Door,   Gibraltar,   Go Around,   Grand Fury,   Gutterfly,   The Hang Lows,   Happy Ending,   The Hitchcock Curse,   Hooch,   Hybrid,   Hybrid… the new breed, I Vampyre,   I Vampyre,   Ill Noise Inc, In Like Flint, In The Eyes, Iron Fist Dillusion, Ivins and the Popetarts, James Buckley, JD Strum, Jeremiah Ostrosky, JJ, John Fox, Josh McCann Band, Justin Ryan, Kurios, Kurt Benit, Lacking Restraint, Land Mynd, Landlord, Left of Gray, Level SD, Lloyd Willacy, Loko Phlyum, Lolly Trigger (Kris, Terry, & Brian), Long Time Divided, The Loose Springs, LUE,   Matt Parsons,   m e r g e d o w n,  Meaning in the Static, Michael Reich, Milk, Mission Earth,   Modern Habit, Mojo Filter, My Evergreen Avenue,   My Little Friend Walter,   oakland av,   OldScool,   On Faith Alone,   One Gig Big, One Left Standing, Osaris, Our After, Page Water,   Paradox Please,   Past Pluto, PepperDome, Pigweed, Phoenix Williams,   Pieces of Eden,   The Pushrods,  RadioBomb,   Randori, Ratcliff & Bailey, Rented Bodies, Resolution 15,  Rob Gainor Featuring John Fox,  S.W.A.M.M.P.,   Samantha Murphy,   The Science Fiction Idols,   Scratch,   The Screams,   Sea of Glass, Second Before the Crash, Second Empire,   Serious Grind, Shade, SickleEye,   Sift, Sight Unseen, Sing the Evens, Play the Odds,   Slingshot Genius,   skytone,   Sofachrome,   Solid,   Something Sacred, Soul Distraction, Spencer, Splendor Field,   Step 11,   Stepto,   Stephen Christopher,   Stereo Vibe,   Stevie J Band,   Stink Palm Death,   Stomp Engine,   Stomper,   Storm King,   Strangeway,   Strap on Bomb,   Stratega, Stream,   Stronghold,   suffaCATE,   SuperXero,   Tea & Biscuits,  Terafin,   Terry McCausland, Tilt Room, Time Refuses to Wait, Time Xpired, Tony Lee,  Tony Smith, The Travelers, Tukurpa,   Tunnel Head,   Turn,   Turning Point, Undermine the Common,   VESTA,   Wearing the Inside Out,   Whiskey High,   Zilch, ZMW