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Across the Dawn just released their self-titled album and are on episode 466 to discuss the new album & all things Across the Dawn with Bill & Guest Co-Host John “The American Hilljack” Lane of The American Hilljack Files Podcast & The Hellfire Club

Interview Segment 1 with Across the Dawn

  • Why did you pick the name Across the Dawn?
  • If we went on tour with Across the Dawn what would the soundtrack sound like between cities?
  • You just had your cd release show last week, are there any interesting stories or legends that can be talked about from that show?
  • Where can our fans get a copy of your self-titled album?

Interview Segment 2

  • If only one of your songs survives an apocalyptic episode, which song would the new world listen to as it rebuilds itself?
  • What is one thing you love about the Pittsburgh Music Scene and one thing that you hate?
  • Can you tell us about an embarrassing moment that you have had on stage?
  • What is one thing about you, that your fans might be surprised to learn about?
  • Lastly, what is coming up for Across The Dawn?

About Across the Dawn

Across the Dawn is a band from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region that blends rock and electronic music together to form a sound that is powerful and atmospheric. The band has a diverse catalog of songs that reach your imagination and emotions with lyrical and musical imagery that can be described like a photograph developing in the listener’s mind. It is a sound you can get lost in that is not only heard but felt. The band consists of Josh Morris, Shawn Minerd, Justin Smith, and Micahel Meucci. Across the Dawn’s self-titled debut album is out now!

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