Acarya Returns

AcaryaAlmost 6.5 years ago and 147 episodes, Cincinatti, OH’s Acarya chatted with Bill on episode 303! Liz, Wes, Jack, & Max joined Bill and his co-host for the evening (and Pittsburgh Music Award- Best bassist winner) Robbie Perrone.

Segment 1 with Acarya

  • We started things off with introductions of the players
  • What has changed in the last 147 episodes?
  • If you starred in the movie Rock Star, which band would you join?
  • If you could go back in time and spend 1 year following any band, which band would you want to follow?
  • We then talk a bit about the American Hilljack, John Lane in the way of introducing Akron to Cincy.
  • NOTE – we had some technical difficulties in the first segment, should it sound like we jump around a bit in our conversation.
  • Liz talks about the Millennium Music Conference in Mechanicsburg February 22nd and Camp Hill, PA on the 23rd. And Robbie and Acarya talk about possibly doing a show together on June 7th.
  • What internationally touring band would Acarya like to open for?

Segment 2 with Acarya

  • We talk a little bit about the 1 year anniversary of our Build the Scene Radio station and Jazz of Rattle Clack Entertainment, Cycle Diner, Gamestick, llc, & Sweetie’s
  • What would an Acarya song sound like played backwards?
  • What is something that Acarya’s fans would be surprised to know about the band members?
  • Hear about a time where someone in the band, embarrassed another member in the band.
  • Find out about their “Dear John” letters/love notes.
  • Bill & Robbie give Acarya some tips for their visit to the ‘Burgh.

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