2 degrees of Special Reserve PARS373

3/4ths of Special Reserve (Josh, Adam, & Kubi) joined Bill on the show for the first time. In segment 1, they talked about embarrassing moments on stage, the band name, a little bit about their writing process, and their song Charlene.

Segment 2 opens with little more in depth look at the band’s writing process, or the lack thereof. They talk about how their writing process is very fluid and they embrace the chaos. We then talked about their individual music collections to give us an idea of what musicians and bands have formed them as musicians. This question took us off onto a tangent about age and how it affects our radio listening habits…. which then turns into the band harassing Josh about his shoes. They talk about their upcoming shows which you can check out on their shows page. We also talked about their favorite venues and more… tune in to hear their answers and the rest of the hijinks….

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