Upcoming Episodes

  • The Big Break (12-10-21)
  • Jesse Stone Creatchman (12-15-21)
  • Right Turn Clyde PARS (12-17-21)
  • Low Life Drifters PARS (12-24-21)
  • Leprosy PARS (12-31-21)
  • State of Mind (01-01-22)
  • Korre Rozzik (01-07-22)
  • Prime 8 (01-14-22)
  • David Hipchen (01-15-22)
  • Robin and Bob (02-01-22)
  • Five of Cups 3QS (02-15-22)
  • Corpse God 3QS (03-01-22)
  • Emzy Enzy 3QS (03-15-22)
  • Wayward Brigade 3QS069

    Jim Berkin of Wayward Brigade joins Bill for this episode of 3 Questions and a Song! If you could share a stage with 3 of your influences, what bands would...

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    Live Interviews

    Supermonkey PARS595

    Christian of SuperMonkey joins Bill for episode 595 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. featuring music from: Winter’s Descent, The Cheats, Conflict Cycle, Prime 8, 30 Days of Pain, SuperMonkey, Brandon Green, Rat Bastard, Doppler Affect, Rockabilly Junction, Corners of Sanctuary...

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    Sahayra PARS594

    Mike and Stacey of Sahayra join Bill for episode 594 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Featuring music from: Crooked Ways, Doug Carnahan, Sahayra, Low Life Drifters, Bradley Scott Malone Interview Segment 1 with Saharya Where did the name Sahayra come...

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    Chris Thunderwolf Dodson PARS593

    Tell us about what you do at Wolf’s Customs. Bill talks about the 11/20 WWIII and 12/11 I Am the One benefit shows for Walter Wright’s family. Walter passed away recently. He was the vocalist/frontman for skell. We talked about...

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    Modern Welfare PARS592

    Lucas and Byron of Modern Welfare join Bill for episode 592. Featuring music from: Skies of Terra, 9Sundays, Modern Welfare, Five of Cups, From the Grave, skell Interview Segment 1 with Modern Welfare Tell me how Modern Welfare is handling...

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